The law firm

The Law firm’s mis­sion is to pro­vide to its clients with com­plex legal servi­ces, par­ti­cu­larly in the fol­lo­wing fields: liti­ga­tion, com­pe­ti­tion and con­su­mer law, public pro­cu­re­ment, intel­lec­tual pro­perty, pro­tec­tion of per­so­nal data,corporate advi­sory, mer­gers and acqu­isi­tions, com­mer­cial con­tracts, pro­ject finance, labour and social insu­rance law, real estate, new tech­no­lo­gies, tele­com­mu­ni­ca­tions, media law, Euro­pean Union law, envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion, restruc­tu­ring, ban­kruptcy law, tax, customs and fore­ign exchange law.

Legal servi­ces pro­vi­ded by us cha­rac­te­rise cre­ative appro­ach, hone­sty and invo­lve­ment in clients’ affa­irs. We are aware of how impor­tant is legal advi­sory, which ensu­res legal safety with under­stan­ding the essence of busi­ness acti­vity at the same time. We advise on the law, as sim­ply as possi­ble in order not to bur­den clients with the intri­ca­cies of legal pro­vi­sions. We believe that solu­tions pro­vi­ded by us ena­ble clients achie­ving suc­ces­ses and buil­ding up a mar­ket advan­tage. It sho­uld be under­li­ned that we aim to opti­mise costs of legal servi­ces pro­vi­ded by us. Clients of the Law firm are infor­med imme­dia­tely of all costs incur­red in con­ne­xion with their mat­ters. The Law firm pro­vi­des legal assi­stance on hourly basis, as well as on agreed fixed fees.